Keynote Speakers

(Names sorted in alphabetical order)

Jelena Svorcan

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Serbia

Presentation Title: Optimization of aerospace shapes and structures

Konstantinos Stamoulis

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Presentation Title: Tentative - Adaptive and efficient aviation MRO processes

Kwon Hee Choon

Representative of National Association of Cognitive Science Industries, Seoul, South Korea

Presentation Title: Generative A.I Drone for Cooperative Work

Luo Feng E

Director of the Airline Operation Control Technical Institute and AOC Simulation Laboratory,CAFUC, China

Presentation Title: AOC Development & FD Training in China

Seck Tan

Program Leader for the Air Transport Management, Institute of Technology, Singapore

Presentation Title: Multiple Sustainability Facets in the Aviation Sector